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Coyote Communications Support

In order to provide you with the highest levels of service, your AirDish has a constant connection with our servers giving you around the clock stable and reliable highspeed internet.

Depending on the speeds you subscribed to, the websites your visiting, or the equipment you are using, "For example, your router or other electronic devices," Speeds could vary. We will ALWAYS do our absolute best to provide you with amazing service!!

Frequently asked Q&A

How do I access my email from the web?

If you already have free e-mail accounts (i.e., Yahoo!, MSN, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.) you can access these accounts over the AirFiber Internet connection.


Technical support

Do you recommend Virus Protection or

Anti Spyware?

If you have not already done so, AirFiber highly recommends you install robust virus and anti spyware protection on your computer(s). Numerous software packages are available commercially. At a minimum we recommend you install a freeware package such as Microsoft Security Essentials.

We also have one that we personally use and recommend. 


Link for information (Click Here➜)


High Security options

I have no connection to the Internet, or it is slow, how do I troubleshoot it?

The loss of your internet connection may happen for several reasons, but usually means that one or more of the devices on your home network has lost connectivity, or may need to be power cycled.

Check the following:

Make sure the power adapter (also called Power over Ethernet Cable or Pigtail) for the roof dish is plugged in and working. (This AC power supply typically has a white LED on it.)
Make sure the physical network cables are connected to the wall plug, the computer and to any other network devices. Make sure all network devices are plugged in and have power.
If this does not solve the issue do the following: Power cycle the roof dish or “radio”, by unplugging the power adapter. Wait a minimum of 10 seconds and plug the device back in.

NOTE: If the power adapter is plugged into a power strip or UPS, (uninterruptable power supply) power cycle the power adapter itself not the power strip.
If you have a router, wireless router or other network device, then power cycle the device(s) by unplugging the power. Wait a minimum of 10 seconds and plug the device back in.


NOTE: If the router or other network device is plugged into a power strip or UPS, power cycle the router/device itself not the power strip.
Make sure the Internet and network settings for your computer are correct and reboot your computer. If you are connecting wirelessly with a laptop, make sure the wireless feature is turned on, and you are in range of your wireless router.

IF this does NOT fix your issue, please contact support.


Expert Technical Support


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