Welcome to Coyote Communications

We are the area's internet provider that uses the latest technology to provide you with a safe, stable, and LIGHTNING fast internet connection for you and your Family or Business!


Coyote Communications is a different kind of internet service. We use next-generation technology to beam nothing but lightning-fast, STABLE internet to your home or business. And we’ve designed everything around the simple goal of making your internet faster while being easier on the bank account. We have made it more secure, with 99.9% stability and of course, client satisfaction is our main goal. 


Why we are better? 

Coyote Communications is a Wireless internet carrier that supports Fiber internet speeds while using wireless technology and still staying stable like fiber! Wireless is also more affordable as well. Wireless carriers can also reach clients, that other carriers can not get service to.

How it works?

Coyote Communications uses a specific wireless frequency to bring the service to our servers. The service is then secured with high encryption and broadcast out on our towers and transmitter locations. Our certified technicians then install a very small, light weight dish on your home or business which receives that signal and grants you access to our internet service. At that point you can enjoy everything from doing paperwork online to shopping securely to gaming and streaming in high quality 4K and even 8K quality without your service slowing down or watching the "Endless circle turns." There are also no limits to how much data you use. No data caps, meaning if you use 2GB a month or 200GB a month, your service does NOT slow down. 

With Coyote Communications, your service is truly UNLIMITED use.


" Celesta C "

These guys at Coyote Communications are AMAZING! I called and asked if I could be on the company's "TEST" system since my internet was always going so slow and would barely ever play even one episode of Disney without buffering at least 3 times per 30 minute episode. I figured at worst it couldn't be worse that I had. But then the guys came out the very next morning and got me connected, they explained in high detail how it worked, what each piece of equipment was and what it was supposed to do. Not only did this FAR surpass my expectations, but I have been on their test system for several months and it has never slowed down!!! NOT ONE TIME! 


Coyote Communications Support

In order to provide you with the highest levels of service, your AirDish has a constant connection with our servers giving you around the clock stable and reliable highspeed internet. Depending on the speed you subscribed to, the equipment you are using, "For example: your router or other electronic device" then Speeds could vary. We will ALWAYS do our absolute best to provide you with amazing service!!